Community Impact Helps Families

Shari Fleming
Feb 1, 2021

Community Testimonials

Giving Hope

"Community Impact has helped my family through this pandemic in a major way.  They have provided nutritional meals that my family otherwise would not have had.  I thank God for organizations like Community Impact, they give me hope."

A Rewarding Volunteer Experience

"Volunteering with Community Impact has been both rewarding and fulfilling!  The people that you're able to serve with are truly phenomenal individuals who always come to serve with a smile on their face.  They make it fun to serve and everyone is willing to lend a hand even if it's in an area that they didn't sign up for.  In addition, seeing the smiles on the faces of those who come to pick up food shows why this service and organization is needed.  They're extremely thankful when they come to pick up food and the fact that you're able to aid in someone having food to provide for their family is not only a humbling experience but a heartwarming one as well."

Giving Back to Make A Difference

"When I lost my job in June 2020, I found it important to reach out and volunteer my time. Instead of staying home and feeling sorry for my situation, I chose to volunteer and give back in order to make a difference in the community. I choose to volunteer for Community Impact because I have always loved serving others and making a difference in other people’s lives. It has been more than rewarding for me since I joined this great group of volunteers. I am still excited and looking forward to continuing these same efforts during 2021!!"

Building Relationships

"Because of the food pantry, I have an opportunity to build relationships with other volunteers and meet new people, while helping to put smiles on their faces."

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