Troy Harris


With focus on commitment, compassion, relationships, and resilience, Troy Harris strives daily to dedicate himself these self-defined pillars of leadership. As family man, he is a husband and father of four with love and sacrifice at the root of his drive. He has served as vice president of his larger family organization (VAMPS) which sponsors and organizes a tri-annual three state family reunion often numbering in upwards of 150 attendees. At the smaller family events (25-50) he can often be found cooking in the kitchen or on the grill preparing the food, serving the food, and making sure the event is one to be remembered.

After maintaining a career as highly skilled electronic technician for nearly 20 years, Troy now uses that experience and problem-solving acumen as a project manager for a large business solutions company overseeing equipment utilization and deployments in large healthcare facilities. At times he was leading teams numbering 10-30 employees often  exceeding result expectations.

In addition to his family life and career, Troy is an ordained minister and serves as president of TheMENistry@thetab, the men’s ministry at The Tab church in Randallstown, Maryland. Outside of work, and when not being husband and dad, he can often be found working with the men of the church in some capacity to change lives and impact the community.

“Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” Langston Hughes

Troy has experienced and overcame numerous life struggles, tragedies, etc. These incidents have inspired a resilience that can only be obtained in the overcoming. There is strength born in some trials that cannot be reproduced in a classroom. The struggles have given him a compassion and understanding that drive him daily to encourage and uplift anyone he is connected to.

In his own words, “Real leaders have to be willing to serve.” Whether it is at home with his family, at work, or church, anyone that knows him, knows he is always ready to serve.

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